Unpack your training

Let us help you to develop a full training needs analysis for your employees. We will then facilitate the courses you need to achieve the highest standard of Occupational Health and Safety that you and your employees deserve. We also develop courses based on your requirements and have them certified for CPD through SAIOSH. With over 10 years of training experience, we can go from blank page to full training calendars!


Contact us today and request more information on our bespoke mentorship program. Choose from our 3-month, 6-month or 1-year program. Mentorship programs include auditing, files, assistance with implementation, training (Certificates) site visits, induction and employee orientation as well as a full committee meeting agenda. Additional items are available to create a tailormade solution for you!

Safety Files

Whether you need up to compile individual legally compliant documentation or full safety files, we have the necessary experience and skills to design and develop a safety file for you. Basic legal documents are also available as templates for you to do your own file. Drop us a site specification and we can quote according to your project. Get us out to perform a Legal GAP Analysis of your company and we will draft a Legal Register for you. We can give you the hand you need!

ISO Management Systems

ISO Management Systems are proudly brought to you with the support of ISOLogic “The Logical Choice”. Why did we partner up with other industry professionals? Well, we understand that you cannot achieve everything on your own, and partnerships help you to grow in experience and in business. OHSS Consulting is proud to partner with ISOLogic and bring you the best in ISO Management. Contact us today!


Not sure what to implement on site? Need advice? Why not contact us via email or WhatsApp and let us know what is happening on your site and how we can help! Perhaps send us a picture with your query, or get us to come out and do a site visit. Whatever the need, we have the service you need.


Auditing is part of our Safety Management Systems, it helps us to know where we stand, how well we are doing and how effective our mitigating factors are. Do you need help with internal, external or GAP Analysis Audits?

Internal audits can help you get ready for external verification or give you your annual certification. Legal GAP Analysis Audits help you when you are not sure what is needed to achieve compliance, we see what you have, what is missing (GAPs) and then assist you in developing a new system.


COVID-19 Awareness Course

In this free COVID-19 Awareness Course, we take you and your employees through the basics of COVID-19 Management & Prevention. At the end of this course you will receive and attendance certificate showing that you have completed the course.

COVID-19 Compliance Officer Course

In the 4 part series of this COVID-19 Compliance Officers Course, the appointed Compliance Officer will betaken through the duties and responsibilities of a COVID-19 Compliance Officer as well as be given the practical guidance on carrying out their duties. On completion of all 4 modules, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.